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Steamboat Sound in action - get to know us! We always make sure to have fun with good people while we deliver the quality sound we're known for.

The Dialog-cleanup expert // the Timecode guru // the talent-Laving machine // the re-recording Mixer // the strong quiet type // a great friend

The Duke of Faders // the Sound Librarian // the game nerd // Ben Burtt's biggest fan // the work-hard, dance-occasionally type

Anchor 1
Rogue Warfare trilogy
Last Three Days, ADR Session
Rogue Warfare trilogy
Manifest Destiny
Rogue Warfare trilogy
The Studio (2018)
2020 Porsche 992
Last Three Days, Spotting Session
Int'l Dubbing Company (NDA)
Sugardaddy (short) Promo
Rogue Warfare trilogy
Somewhere in the field
Rogue Warfare Trilogy
Perch, LA
Star Wars: Unknown (fan film)
Last Three Days, ADR Session
Dreams of Starlight (spec)
Rogue Warfare trilogy
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Some lake, LA County
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