Our gear. Rentable here, when hiring one of us to your project, or by clicking on the picture below. 



(x2) Zoom F8  = 8-input mixer+recorder, TimeCode, IFB (client listen-in) capability, double-track recording for safety

Sennheiser MKH-416 // MKH-60  = shotgun microphones for outdoors

Zoom FRC-8 Mix Controller = 8-in/out mixer for 

live mixes to cameras, director/script sup./clients/Post

Standard Keyboard = for on-set Sound Reports

Audix SCX1-HC = hyper-cardioid microphone for indoors

Denecke Dcode JB-1 rock-solid TimeCode in a tiny package for painless ride on any camera

Comteks (M72 + PR-72b + Halter Technical HP's) -lightweight IFB kits with adjustable volume for up to 7x clients / directors / producers listening in on our Sound Mix

   RDE  Suspension System/Pistol Grip + Zeppelin +    Dead Cat + Softie + K-Tek 110CCR 9'2"// K87 (7'2") Boom Poles

(x5) Sony UWP-D11 = transmitter + receiver packages

(x1) Sennheiser G3 = transmitter + receiver package, wireless camera hop (audio feed to camera)

(x5) Sanken COS11D = industry-standard lavaliers

(x2) Tram TR-50 = industry-standard lavaliers

(x1) Sennheiser ME-4 = directional lavalier for high wind

(x2) Sony ECM-V1BMPbackup lavaliers

All adapters/connectors + accessories included

+1 (909) 375 4474 II Captain@SteamboatSound.com

  LA-based || working worldwide

© 2019 Steamboat Sound

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